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The Westing Game

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Westing Game (1978) Ellen Raskin

westing-gameSix families are offered the opportunity to rent an apartment in the new apartment complex, Sunset Towers. Plus, there are spaces for a doctor’s office, a coffee shop, and a restaurant! Just matching the needs of three of the tenants!

Just up the hill is the Westing House, home of the eccentric millionaire Samuel Westing, founder of Westing Paper Products.

The families who come to move in are:
Wexler, Theodorakis, Baumbach, Sulaski, Hoo, and Ford. Between these families are four teenagers: Theo and Chris Theodorakis, Doug Hoo, and Turtle Wexler.

After the mysterious death of Sam Westing, all of these individuals–and others! sixteen in all!–are invited to play the Westing Game, for the chance to inherit the Westing millions.

This was a fun book. Middle school rather than YA, but still a lot of fun. Turtle ended up being my favorite character, but I came to like all the characters, even those who were initially not so likable.

A nice romp, and lots of fun.
Rating: 7/10

Published by Puffin


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