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The Thief

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Thief (1996) Megan Whalen Turner

I’ve been feeling out of sorts, and every book I start to read I put right back down, because it’s not what I’m in the mood for.

Which is how I ended up re-reading The Thief, because it sucks me in and doesn’t let go.

I keep trying to write a synopsis for this, and failing miserably, because any description sounds stupid and trite and nothing like the story.

Gen is a thief. The best thief around, according to him. He can steal anything. Except, apparently, himself out of prison. Luckily, the King’s magus is in need of a thief, to recover an object that has been lost of centuries, and should give the his king the right to rule neighboring lands.

It’s strange, re-reading this story. I see so many things I missed the first time, or ignore the first time as unimportant. But of course nothing is important, and Gen gives hints as to who he is–especially as he can’t control his temper.

There are just so many marvelous lines in this tale, it’s hard to pick a couple to convince you why I love this book so much.

For instance, they tell tales of the gods and men as they travel.

It is one thing to meet the Goddess in the forest and another thing to convince your wife that you have done so.

It is one thing to humor your husband, who has suddenly gone crazy, but it is somethign else to let all the neighbors know that he is crazy…

And there’s this bit Gen says of himself.

I am a master of foolhardy plans, I thought. I have so much practice I consider them professional risks.

That’s quite possible the best quick synopsis of Gen you can get.

Perhaps those two quotes haven’t enticed you, but I beg you to read this story anyway. It is really one of the best books around.
Rating: 10/10

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