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Demon Lord of Karanda

Friday, January 23, 2015

Demon Lord of Karanda (1988) David Eddings

The third book of the Mallorean finds our heroes meeting Zakath, the emperor of all Mallorea. As with Urgit, the meeting has unexpected results, and again, Garion discovers that the Anagraks are not all he was expecting.

Brador cleared his throat, fought for a moment with one of Zakath’s ferocious kittens for the long pointer he wanted to use, and began.

We also meet Feldegast, who was traveling with with Vella and Yarblek. He’s another character I quite enjoy.

And of course the best parts are the banter.

‘I wish you’d stop using the word “steal.” Couldn’t we just say that we’re borrowing a boat?’
‘Did you plan to sail it back and return it when we’re finished with it?’
‘No. Not really.’
‘Then the proper word is “steal.” You’re the expert on ships and sailing; I’m the expert on theft.’

Rating: 7/10

Published by Harper Voyager

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