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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unbreakable (2014) C.C. Hunter

unbreakableChase Tallman appeared in the Shadow Falls series, and although we know he’s in love with Della, we don’t know much else about him. This story gives us a glimpse into his life–when he was first changed, and how it happened.

First, I do enjoy how CC Hunter writes teens. Chase is 14 in this story.

Unlike most of his friends who were into computer games and denied their fascination with the opposite sex, Chase gave up his denial. He’d rather study a pretty girl than get to the next level of Battlefield 4 any day of the week. Hell, he’d rather touch or kiss a girl than play baseball. And he really liked playing baseball.

His sister Mindy is 15.

Before he knew what Mindy intended to do, she hugged him. They hadn’t hugged each other since his mom stopped making them hug to make up after a fight.

This story makes Chase much more relate-able than he appears in Della’s stories.


I skipped large portions of this story, and won’t read it again.

But it’s not the fault of the author or the story. It’s just that the bits about Chase are interspersed with the “news reports” about the plane crash that killed Chase’s family–and the alpine rescue attempts after the crash.

I just could not read those without being thrown back to when my cousin died. Which is totally my problem and not the author’s problem, but it’s also why I’m not going to rate this book, because I can’t give it an objective rating.

Published by St. Martin’s Griffin

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