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The Fires of the Gods

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Fires of the Gods (2011) I.J. Parker


The capital is plagued by unexplained fires, and panic threatens to break out, but Akitada has his own problems to worry about. His ailing wife expects a child and he loses his job to a political appointee. When he tries to confront the nobleman who is responsible for his dismissal, he ends up suspected of his murder.

There are two primary mysteries: the death of the official and the fires set throughout the capitals.

There are several passages in this book I quite liked. First is when Tora gives Akitada a silk pouch he found at the scene of the fire.

‘The silk is very good, and there’s something inside.’ He started to open it.

Tora said quickly, ‘Don’t! You’ll break the spell.’

‘What do you care? It’s not your spell.’


That’s probably a very good description of Tora.

I also quite like the thief that Tora helps (and that’s also another good description of Tora’s character–that he’ll help someone in danger just because they are in danger).

I also like this bit about AKitada with his newborn daughter:

Yasuko looked back at him with wide eyes and no change of expression whatsoever.

‘She doesn’t smile,’ he complained. ‘Possibly she’s astonished or sadly disappointed, but I cannot help my face. Do you think I frighten her?’

Tamako laughed. ‘She’s much too young to smile.’


Again, I like the parallel mysteries, which seems to me how life works.
Rating: 7/10

Published by Ingrid J. Parker Inc.

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