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Death on an Autumn River

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Death on an Autumn River (2011) I. J. Parker

Death-on-an-Autumn-RiverSet in 1024.

On a river journey to Naniwa to unmask officials selling information to pirates, Akitada witnesses the recovery of a body. The image of the drowned child prostitute follows him as his own problems and disasters multiply.

My favorite character in this story was the old woman who sat on her porch watching all the sailors go by.

“I sit here most days.  I like to watch the sailor boys come and go.”  She cackled again.  “Such bodies!  Young.  Strong.  Such muscles.  Give me a muscular man any day.  They make the best lovers because they don’t get tired.”

The women around her squealed and giggled.  One of them covered her face and said, “Mother, please don’t say such things.”

I also like the character who introduces himself into Akitada’s life; it’s also interesting how horrified I am by Akitada’s reaction to Saburo (not because of his scars, but because of his history). Considering Akitado’s character and the time in which he lives, it is his reaction which would be correct, rather than my wishes to how he would act.

I also liked this saying very much:

They say, you cannot stop the birds of sorrow, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.” 

Rating: 7/10

Published by Ingrid J. Parker Inc.

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