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The Emperor’s Woman

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Emperor’s Woman (2012) I.J. Parker

The-Emperors-WomanSet in 1028.

She was intended to be the emperor’s concubine, but she died at the bottom of a cliff near Prince Atsuhira’s private villa. The palace covered up the scandal. Months later, Akitada is drawn into the case when his best friend is accused of plotting against the emperor.

I almost skipped this one, until I saw that Akitada spent time considering the place of women in that time and place. And that part was interesting, as Akitada considered not just the place of high born women, but also how poor women ended up in terrible positions.

I liked this bit between Akitada and Kobe, the superintendent of the Imperial police.

“How is the family?” he asked.

Kosehira chuckled. “Thriving. There seem to be more children running around every year. Mind you, I’m very fond of them all, but I’ve been known to mix up their names. And their mothers.” He rolled his eyes. “Not advisable, my friend.

I also liked Akitada’s continued worries over his new retainer, Saburo.

The way women were treated in Japan wasn’t different from the way women in the west were treated, and in some ways were better, since wives held a great deal of power in the Imperial family. But the treatment of the poor–especially women who were sold into prostitution–was just as terrible.
Rating: 7/10

Published by Ingrid J. Parker Inc

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