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A Vigil of Spies

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Vigil of Spies (2008) Candace Robb

a-vigil-of-spiesSet in England in 1373

Archbishop Thoresby of York is dying. He has lived far longer than most people in his time and place, and now he finishing all the little things left undone in the time he has left.

Perhaps he was a foolish old man, but he believed in the unconditional and universal compassion of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and he cherished the belief that there were living, breathing women of her ilk.

But interrupting his peace is the Princess Joan, who is traveling to ask for Thoresby’s advice. And with her comes intrigue and murder.

Some nice thoughts that might not have belonged to the actual Thoresby, but are lovely never-the-less.

Thoresby closed his eyes and extended his prayer for all those who took their lives, or were in danger of doing so. He had never felt such compassion for those lost souls as he did now. He wondered if there was something he might have done in his lifetime to comfort them, to teach them that God loved and forgave them.

‘My uncle took him as his secretary for reasons other than fondness,’ said Ravenser, ‘but over time I believe he’s come to have a deep affection for him. It appears he symbolises for my uncle the power of penance, renunciation of sins, redemption.

This is, as best I can tell, the final Owen Archer mystery, and it is a good and comfortable conclusion, ending the story as Thoresby ends his life.

I was sorry there was so little Lucie in this story, but we did see her, and it would have been inappropriate for her to have been at the archbishop’s castle when the princess visited.

I’m sorry to see these characters go, but felt that the conclusion was well done, leaving us wanting more, but with a satisfying ending.
Rating: 8/10

Published by Diversion Books

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