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Battle Hill Bolero

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Battle Hill Bolero (2017) Daniel José Older

This is the sequel to both Midnight Taxi Tango and Salsa Nocturna. You don’t have to have read Salsa Nocturna for this, but you really really should.

Events have come to a head, and Riley and Cyrus and many other ghosts are in open rebellion against the Council of the Dead. Carlos still works for the COD, but (with good reason, seeing as how Riley is his best friend) they don’t especially trust him.

This is all Daniel Jose Older, with strong women and fabulous writing.

The ferry captain stands beside a big rusted anchor chain, smoking something hand-rolled and slobbered-on. “And what are you pretty ladies looking to find on such a forgotten archipelago?”

“Some peace and quiet,” Reza says, her voice ice. The ferry captain fucks off accordingly.

Being near him is like drinking a whole glass of milk and realizing there was a dead mouse at the bottom.

So here we have Carlos, Sasha, Kia, Mama Esther, Reza, Riley, Baba Eddie and various council members and ghosts from the first two books. From Salsa Nocturna we have Krys, Jimmy, Gordo, Big Cane, Damien, and Cyrus. Among others. That’s a lot of people to keep track of, but I had no problems, because the characters are all very distinct. There is no confusing Krys with Kia or Sasha with Reza.

Also, this is ANOTHER FABULOUS cover. I mean, seriously. Sasha is all kicking ass and taking names and still gorgeous and amazing and it makes me SO HAPPY that he gets such great covers for these books.
Rating: 8.5/10

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