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Day of Atonement

Friday, March 31, 2017

Day of Atonement (1991) Faye Kellerman

Rina and Peter are spending part of their honeymoon with the family of Rina’s late husband, because they want to see Rina and the boys over the High Holy Days.

Although the family isn’t hostile to Peter, it’s still not especially comfortable.

(T)he Lazarus family had been grateful, though no one had ever explicitly told him so. It was just implied that they were grateful because everyone was suddenly more respectful to him whenever he called Rina.

Two things happen: First, Peter accidentally meets his birth mother, whose family is friends with the Lazarus family. Second, a young teen disappears–Peter’s blood nephew, even if the family doesn’t know about Peter.

Noam never asked questions, even when they were begging to be asked. Frieda felt he wasn’t very bright. But unlike Ezra, who also wasn’t bright, Noam never had the determination to overcompensate.

This is an exceedingly dark story, with a young teen pulled into something he doesn’t understand, which is destroying him.
Rating: 6.5/10

Published by Harper Collins

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