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The Judas Goat, Audible Version

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Judas Goat, Audible Version (1978) Robert B. Parker narrated by Michael Prichard

Spenser has been hired by Hugh Dixon, a millionaire whose family was killed in a bombing in London. Hugh Dixon wants the terrorists caught or killed, and he’ll pay Spenser a bounty for each kill or capture.

First, it’s odd for Spenser to take such a case–the fact that he’s still not that successful has a lot to do with it.

Second, we get Hawk again, when Spenser needs help in London.

Third, the world in which this book is set is nearly incomprehensible to the modern reader. Spenser is able to carry a handgun in London and Canada. Hawk is able to easily purchase (and modify) shotguns. But most bizarre, the the bad guys (as well as Hawk and Spenser) are able to sneak guns into an Olympic venue. And Hawk travels to London without documentation, apparently.

It’s like the past is an alternate reality where security was not the end of everything.

It’s fascinating.

Again, the reader isn’t bad, he’s just not what I’m used to listening to as far as modern eBooks.
Rating: 7/10

Published by Random House Audio

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