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The First Rule

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The First Rule (2010) Robert Crais

I really thought I hadn’t read this book–aside from the very beginning (the murder) none of it seemed familiar. It seems like I read it in the months before Grandmom died, so that explains that distraction.

Apparently re-reading this series is just like reading it for the first time, since I barely remember anything from the first time around.

A couple things. Chen has been toned down, which is nice. I almost hated reading his scenes because he was so annoying. And technology is definitely changing.

Chen handed Pike a pair of blue paper booties. “Gotta put these over your shoes, okay?”

Technology changes. No wandering around the scene of a crime without leaving trace evidence anymore.

Regarding Pike’s military service, like Cole’s, Vietnam is no longer mentioned, and it’s implied his service was in the Middle East.

When Pike met Frank for the first time, Frank was fresh out of eight years in the Marine Corps, having seen service in Central America and the Middle East.

Although Cole is here, Jon Stone is also back, partially because he has a very different skill set from Pike and Cole, but also because he knew the murdered man.

As Cole and Pike slipped out, Stone said, “Want the M4? It’s ideal for urban assault.”

Cole frowned at Stone. “You have an M4?”

“Shit, yeah, man. Suppressed. Frangible bullets so you don’t kill a buncha people in the next house. Straight from the Delta Armory.”

Cole looked at Pike. “Is he kidding?”

“Let’s go.”

Right, the murders. Almost forgot about them again.

Frank Meyer, who had once worked with Joe Pike, and his family were murdered by a home invasion crew. Unfortunately the crew had previously only hit the homes of people involved in organized crime, so suspicion falls upon Frank.

Pike and Jon Stone both know that Frank would never ever have been involved in anything dirty, so they work to clean Frank’s name as well as to find the killers.

I am drinking scotch in honor of our friend Frank. I would rather rip off a twenty-one-gun salute out in the backyard, but my neighbors prefer the drinking. Where was I?”

As I said, I remembered nothing of this story, but that’s because of what was happening when I read it, it’s not at all a failing on the part of the story, because the story is good.
Rating: 8.5/10

Published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons

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