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Ceremony, Audio Book

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ceremony, Audio Book (1982/1992) Robert B. Parker narrated by Michael Prichard

April Kyle is a pretty sixteen year-old runaway who is working as a prostitute somewhere in the Combat Zone in Boston. Her father wants nothing to do with her, but her mother wants her safe, so Spenser takes on the case.

First, Spenser is still admitting to having fought in Korea here.

Second, I’d forgotten that I quite liked Susan Silverman in the earlier books.

There are dark bits to the book, primarily the bits about prostitution. Yes, teen prostitutes are hard to read about, but even harder was the older woman who is the first prostitute with whom Spenser interacts. She clearly believes she has no value and that all she can hope out of life is what she has.

Hawk is in this book, and we also see Tony Marcus whom Spenser meets for the first time, and Patricia Utley, although we don’t see that much of her.

Publisher: Random House Audio

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