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Into the Fire

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Into the Fire (2017) Jeaniene Frost

The fourth and final book in the Vlad and Leila series finds them trying to undo the links that Leila has to Mircea the necromancer–links that look as if they can only be undone by death.

This becomes an even bigger problem when the necromancers discover they can use this tie to control Vlad. So Mencheres brings in someone he believes can help them: Ian.

“There are some things I can’t help,” Ian finally said. “They’re as much a part of me as your fire is to you, Tepesh.”

Vlad gave an oblique shrug. “I can understand that. But swear to change what you do have control over, and swear it on your love for Mencheres.”

Ian made a wistful noise. “I was so hoping you’d tell me to swear it on my honor.”

Vlad let out a bark of laughter. “Not in this lifetime.”

I wasn’t surprised when Ian appeared in our suite moments later. “Hallo,” he said in a purr, looking Gretchen up and down in a way that raised my hackles. “What’s your name, sweeting?”

“Her name is No,” I said at once.

I was initially annoyed by Ian, but he did develop past his single note into someone more complex, and on top of that, he proved utterly loyal to Mencheres (which was also the opening for the next series, but I digress).

I was oddly pleased with the resolution of this book. Vlad had a lot of maturation to do (in that he had to grow beyond being a cold, murdering, maniac) and not only did he have to work for it, but it was made clear this was an ongoing work (which, of course, it would be).

I don’t think I’m in the mood for any more Jeaniene Frost any time soon, because I am just not in the mood for all the boinking, but I think I’ll eventually read the Ian series. Mostly because Ian is pretty fascinating.
Rating: 7.5/10

Publisher: Avon

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