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Devil May Care

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Devil May Care (1977) Elizabeth Peters

Ellie is heading to VA to housesit while her Aunt Kate heads on a short vacation. But after Kate leaves, a series of strange events leads her to wonder if something supernatural is happening in the house.

First, Ellie’s fiance is awful, and you can see the whole thing heading south, even if Henry can’t. I really like the way that was done.

“I wouldn’t josh you, darling,” Ellie said. Her voice had a peculiar note. Henry had heard that tone rather often in the last few months. It did not occur to him to wonder about it, which was perhaps unfortunate for him.

Opening the book with Henry makes Kate’s immediate dislike of him understandable, and you’re rooting for her to help Ellie see the light.

Henry said heartily. “You and I are going to be pals, Aunt Kate.”

Kate turned and gave him a long, thoughtful look.

I was a little bit amused by Ted, who is gay, although those words are never ever said. It’s all subtext and insinuation.

It’s a fun story, and I very much enjoyed it.
Rating: 7/10

Publisher: William Morrow

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