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Into the Darkness

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Into the Darkness (1990) Barbara Michaels

Meg Venturi’s grandfather is a renowned jeweler, and his death leaves her his heir. But Meg has tried to escape the business and her past, including the deaths of her parents that led her to being raised by her grandparents and becoming the sole heir.

It wasn’t until after she learned the truth about what had happened to her father that her love of jewels was contaminated and she turned away from anything that would remind her of his treachery.

This is a mystery as much as a romance, but I found the mystery parts a bit confusing, in that there were a couple of leaps I missed, despite being pretty sure who the bad guy in the story was.

Yet despite that, I did enjoy the story, mostly because I really like all her secondary characters, and how she always has middle aged and older characters who are fully developed.

You know Janine’s got three kids now? I think I’ve got some pictures of the baby—” He reached toward his pocket.

“What do you mean, think?” Barby demanded. “You’d as soon go out without your pants as without those pictures.

So despite the weakness of the mystery, and that the romance seemed a little off to me, I did enjoy the story and will close with this quote.

“That’s the only way to live. Enjoying people while they’re with us, enjoying the memories after they’re gone.”

Rating: 6.5/10

Publisher: HarperCollins

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