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Die for Love

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Die for Love (1984) Elizabeth Peters

The third Jacqueline Kirby book finds Jacqueline headed to New York for a romance conference (it was the only thing she could find to let her escape Nebraska for awhile).

Why do I like Jacqueline?

“You can have this when I’m finished, if you like.”

“Really? Oh, that’s really nice! But you won’t finish it before we get to New York.”

“Oh yes, I will.”

“Well, that is really nice of you. Books are so expensive. I read four or five of them a week, and that really adds up.”

She reads fast and she is generous with books she has been given for free.

“Then you must have a weakness for weirdos.”

“I do—if you mean people with unorthodox opinions about obscure subjects. They’re much more interesting than so-called normal people.”

Plus she’s a fan of weirdos.

She arrives at the conference and is surprised by the amount of hostility she feels in the undercurrents–and that most of the featured authors are not what they seem.

This story aged a little less well than the previous two, mostly because I don’t believe that modern fandom is at all what was presented here.

It was fun, but I didn’t like it as well as the earlier books.
Rating: 6.5/10

Publisher: William Morrow

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