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Friday, June 21, 2013

Virtual Summer Reading Programs

You love to read, right? Did you ever do a summer reading program when you were a kid? Did you know you can do one as an adult?!

Here are two summer programs for you to try!

Todd Wheeler’s 7th Annual Virtual Summer Reading Program: June 17 – September 1, 2013 to benefit the The Prison Book Program, up to $100.

Third Annual Hot Chicks and Smart Men Dig Reading Summer Reading Program in Honor of Debby Faught: June 21th – September 3th to benefit the Douglas County Library Foundation, up to $250.00

Should I have a virtual summer reading program? I probably should, but it’s kinda late to start. Hmmm…

OK. I did it.


Introducing the Random Summer Reading Program!

I will make a $1 donation for every book read, up to $100. I haven’t decided for certain where I’ll donate at the end of the program, but I’m currently considering The Shack.

No, it’s not a library, but it does promote education and learning, and it’s local. And people I know say many good things about it.

I’ll also have a random prize for the randomly determined winner at the end of the program. Could be anything, really: metal chicken, Amazon gift card, kazoo–the possibilities are endless.

And yes, that site is pretty rough right now, but this was a last minute decision, and really, I’ve got all summer to play around with it.

So, get on out there and read!

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