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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Books of 2014: Last Stats

I read 167 books this year, which is just under my best year (174 books last year). The fewest books I read in a month was nine, in May. (When I was out hiking and doing fun outside stuff.)

Unsurprisingly, I read more eBooks than anything else.

Paperback – 24
Trade Paperback – 22
eBook – 111
Hardback – 2
Audio – 8
Total – 167


I had a lot of re-reads this year. 76 re-reads, far more than any other previous year.

Of genres, I read more fantasy than anything else this year.

Fantasy – 101
Mystery – 79
Romance – 37
YA – 11
Comic – 10
Anthology – 6
Non-Fiction – 2


Mystery was up there however, and romance is creeping up. I still could do without all the boinking, but I do historical romances.

And then for author gender.


48% of the books I read were by female authors writing as females, while 31% were written by males. But this, of course, isn’t the true number of books written by women. There are many female authors writing under male pseudonyms or under their initials. (When I was younger, I just assumed that all authors who wrote under their initials were women. I later determined this wasn’t that far-fetched.)

Taking that into consideration, 56% of the books I read this year were written by women, and since 2006, 52% of the books I have read have been written by women (to 41% male)

All things considered, that’s not a bad percentage.

So that’s 2014 in books. Here’s to all the books I’m looking forward to reading in 2015!

The Books of 2014: Mystery, Romance, Non-Fiction
The Books of 2014: Fantasy

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