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Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Books of 2016

It’s the end of 2016 (which seems nigh near impossible to me, yet there it is), so it’s time to look at the books of 2016.

The following links will be live as I publish (or write) those posts. This is just a handy place to link to everything.

In this year-end round-up, I’ve made note primarily of books I have not read before. I made an exception for two authors I hadn’t read in years. I figured if I didn’t have a real review for the books, I was good mentioning those books here.

Graphic Novels
Non-Fiction (aka Cookbooks)
Good Covers of 2016

If you click through any of the Amazon links and buy something, it’ll get me hapenny or so, which will eventually let me buy another book.

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