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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not-Sophie Fan Club

To heck with you all not-Sophie haters! I’m starting a not-Sophie fan club!

Anyone want to join?

Not-Sophie has many wonderful qualities that everyone seems to be ignoring. She’s brave. She hates injustice. She looks out for those who are weaker than she is.

She’s also complex.

And lots of fun at parties, what with the whole telekinesis thing.

ADDENDUM the First:

Sits in the corner scribbling not-Sophie/Blink fan fic.

Not-Sophie stood over Farthum’s quivering corpse, viscous yellow plasma dripping off the edge of her sword.

“Oh Not-Sophie!” cried Blink, “You SAVED me!” His pseudo-pods quivered as she looked deep into his eye.

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