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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sophie from Shinola, Part the Last

Sophie from Shinola. An explanation of sorts.

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Part 2Shawn
Part 3MWT
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Part 25 – Vince
Part 26Kimberly Ann
Part 27Tom
Part 28Kate
Part 29Bryan
Part 30C
Part 31Justin Ryan
Part 32Tania

And we’re all contributing a final chapter–or most of us are anyway. Nathan said something about voting on which ending you like best, but I think you should just read everyone else’s take on the end of the story.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The angry voice caused everyone to turn and look, but no one was to be seen.


“Damnit Dave! I told you to stay out of my story!”

“Is this the Narrator again?” asked Sophie.

“Yes!” snapped the voice. “And I have some words for ‘Dave’ here.”

“You’re not the boss of me!” yelled Dave. “I can take this story wherever I please and you can’t stop me.”

“Yes,” said the Narrator, “I can actually.”

The three heard what sounded like a small tussle, and then the now arguing voices got softer until they disappeared.

“That was unusual,” said Blink.

“Compared to what we’ve been through,” said not-Sophie, “that almost qualified as normal.”

“True,” said Blink.

“So now what?” asked Sophie. “Everyone says the universe will be destroyed if we don’t act.”

“I think some people were exaggerating a little,” said Blink. “But they are correct in that we do need to act, and quickly. This situation has definitely gone on for too long.”

“First things first,” said not-Sophie, “I’d like to try and get Sophie into her own body. I don’t mind having her here with me, but with things are starting to get a little crowded.”

“I agree,” said Blink. “And I believe that my own body is fully healed now—hopefully we won’t have any more strange visions now that we’re all purged of the virus.”

“That last one was a bit eerie,” said not-Sophie. She then turned to Sophie. “How do you feel about this body?”

Standing in the center of the room was a body very similar to Sophie’s old body, except that instead of being composed of skin and flesh, it was made of a variety of metal alloys. But despite being far shinier than flesh, it still had the tint of skin, and looked surprisingly supple.

“There will be some modifications that will need to be made as you grow older,” said not-Sophie, “but for now I believe it will suffice.”

“Will it always look like that?” asked Sophie. As much as she enjoyed being 11, she didn’t want to remain 11 forever.

“Oh no,” said Blink. “That body will grow and mature with you. So you get the experience of growing up without ever having to deal with skinned knees ever again. Or, for that matter, the hormonal insanity of being a teenager.” Blink, who now considered himself her guardian, looked rather relieved at that statement.

“So how do I get into my body?” asked Sophie.

“Like this,” said not-Sophie. A small hose could be seen attaching itself to a port in the back of Sophie’s head and then…

Sophie blinked. She looked around and saw that she was standing in the center of a bridge that was much plainer that it had looked a few seconds ago.

“How does it feel?” Blink scurried into the room. Despite his new scars, he looked not much the worse for wear.

“It… it feels good I guess.” Sophie turned around slowly, moving her head and arms to get used to me. “It feels different from my old body, my real body, but it’s much easier to control than that other body I was in,” she paused. “Not that I guess I controlled it much.”

“So you’re okay?” asked Blink.

“Yes,” said Sophie. “I’m ok.”

“Good!” said Blink, as he leapt into her arms and licked her face.

“I’m glad to see you’re able to function in your new body,” said not-Sophie.

They both turned around, realizing that they’d never seen not-Sophie’s true form before. She looked… gangly. And thin. Humanoid, but not human, although not frighteningly strange. Her skin was black as night, which made her somewhat hard to see against the view screen.

“Sorry,” said not-Sophie, her skin lightened to a deep brown, and her features became more human. “I tend to revert back to my body the way it was before I lost my body when I’m not paying attention.”

“It’s okay,” said Sophie, “you can look however you want.”

“Thank you” said not-Sophie. “Now, are we ready to move onto the Tragethen empire.”
“What do we do?” asked Sophie.

“You are the focus,” said Blink. “We need you to think about what you would like to happen to the Tragethen fleet and army. Then not-Sophie and I will focus your wishes and, if we’re lucky, that will be the end of that.”

“That’s all?” said Sophie.

“That’s all,” said Blink.

“Do it now?” asked Sophie.

“If you’re ready,” said not-Sophie.

“Well, OK,” said Sophie, and she closed her eyes.

Blink and not-Sophie’s faces took on looks of fierce concentration, and then suddenly they both looked startled.

“Ponies?” they asked in unison.

“I always wanted a pony,” said Sophie.

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