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Dine with Me

Friday, February 21, 2020

Dine with Me (2019) Layla Reyne

Dine with MeMiller Sykes rose in the food world until he had his own restaurant. But now the restaurant is closing, his best friend is getting married, and according to the doctor he has 6 months to live if he doesn’t get his cancer treated.

But the treatment (if it works) may well destroy his taste buds, and who could he possibly be without the sense that made him a chef? So he’s going on a farewell tour of sorts. His partner has arranged a two-week tour of restaurants in the US–paid for by the lucky foodie who get a chef for a tour guide.

Clancy Rhodes has finally finished his residency and is ready to join his father’s plastic surgery practice. But his family decided he needs a treat before he dives into his new life. As a lover of food, this is the perfect vacation for him and he can’t wait to get to ask all the questions he wants about food and cooking and restaurants and everything.

First, I love Miller’s found family, especially Sloan. I also get that although Miller did everything possible to save Sloan, he doesn’t believe that he deserves the same from her or their other friends or his family.

Part of it is that his sense of self is almost entirely tied up in cooking. He doesn’t feel like he has much to offer beyond that, so if he loses the ability to cook–what is he besides a burden?

The other thing, of course, was the food.

I am, unfortunately, a picky eater. Yet I still love a well-written food description.

(W)hen he tasted the chocolate soufflé with Earl Grey crème anglaise, it was beyond semi-orgasmic. Hell, beyond orgasmic. It was a night full of hot-sweaty-blow-your-mind-sex, in a baking ramekin and gravy boat. He eyed the latter, debating whether to turn it up and drink the remaining crème anglaise right from the boat.

Miller followed his gaze, accurately reading his intent. “I will think less of you.”

“I’m not sure I care right now.” The sauce was calling his name, loudly.

It did make me wish I wasn’t so particular about food, and that I could eat anything. But I’m pretty sure the only way that would work would be if I neither saw nor knew what I was eating, to be able to over-ride my brain. And then I’s still likely find so many flavors too strong.

But this story is not about me, it’s about these two lovely characters falling for each other. Which of course they do, because this is a romance. But it’s also realistic in Miller’s prognosis and future, which I appreciated.

Nothing in life is certain, so try to live as hard as you can.

Publisher: Carina Press
Rating: 8.5/10


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