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Trickster: Native American Tales

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Trickster: Native American Tales (2010) edited by Matt Dembicki

Trickster Native American TalesThis is a collection of 21 stories, told by 24 Native American story tellers and drawn by 21 artists.

Coyote and the pebbles / Dayton Edmonds and Micah Farritor
Raven the trickster / John Active and Jason Copland
Azban and the crayfish / James Bruchac, Joseph Bruchac, and Matt Dembicki
Trickster and the Great Chief / David Smith and Jerry Carr
Horned Toad Lady and Coyote / Eldrena Douma and Roy Boney, Jr.
Rabbit and the tug-of-war / Michael Thompson and Jacob Warrenfeltz
Moshup’s bridge / Jonathan Perry, Chris Piers, and Scott White
Rabbit’s Choctaw tail tale / Tim Tingle and Pat Lewis
The wolf and the mink / Elaine Grinnell and Michelle Silva
The dangerous beaver / Mary Eyley and Jim Coon
Giddy up, Wolfie / Greg Rodgers and Mike Short
How the alligator Got his brown, scaly skin / Joyce Bear and Megan Baehr
The Yehasuri : the little wild Indians / Beckee Garris and Andrew Cohen
Waynaboozhoo and the geese / Dan Jones and Michael Auger
When Coyote decided to get married / Eirik Thorsgard and Rand Arrington
Puapualenalena, wizard-dog of the Waipi’o Valley / Thomas Cummings, Jr. and Paul Zdepski
Ishjinki and Buzzard / Jimm GoodTracks and Dimi Macheras
The bear who stole the Chinook / Jack Gladstone and Evan Keeling
How Wildcat caught a turkey / Joseph Stands With Many and Jon Sperry
Espun and Grandfather / John Bear Mitchell and Andy Bennett
Mai and the cliff-dwelling birds / Sunny Dooley and J. Chris Campbell

Trickster figures are common across all mythologies–most people these days know of Loki, the Norse trickster–but not that many people are familiar with the tricksters of other cultures, and even fewer know the stories of these figures.

Coyote and the Pebbles

The story tellers were drawn from tribes all over over North America

Azban and the Crayfish

Each story has it’s own style, both in the story telling and the art.

Raven the Trickster

It’s a lovely collection, and for everyone middle school and up.

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
Rating: 8.5/10


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