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Master Wolf

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Master Wolf (2020) Joanna Chambers (Capital Wolves Duet)

Master WolfSet in Europe in 1820 with flashbacks.

Gentleman Wolf ended with Lindsay all but being sent away from Drew. Master Wolf picks up thirty years later, as Lindsay has tried to stay away from Drew, and Drew has tried to come to terms with his wolf, and his relationship with Lindsay, believing that he is drawn to Lindsay solely because of the master-wolf link.

Drew is an idiot and it goes very badly for Lindsay.

Lindsay said, “Isn’t this the part where you tell me this was a mistake and that I made you do it?”

Drew flushed. “I’m not blaming you,” he said. “I accept responsibility for my actions.”

“Well, that’s very big of you,” Lindsay replied.

It’s a good thing this story is written from Drew’s point of view, because as it was I had a very hard time feeling a lot of sympathy for him–especially knowing what Lindsay had been through with Duncan. And what Lindsay was willing to do to free himself from Duncan–and Drew.

As with the first story, although the main arc is Lindsay and Drew, Francis and Margeurite and even Wynne had a huge part, and their arcs are just as important.

I actually had to do something I almost never do–read ahead to see how things were resolved, because I desperately needed to go to bed, but couldn’t stop reading. I then went back and read the parts I skipped.

This story was extremely well done. I hated seeing what Lindsay was doing to free himself from Duncan, but also Drew from him. It’s quite clear to you, the reader, that Drew is being a complete idiot, but it’s also true that the relationship between Lindsay and Drew is uneven (even if it is not what Drew thinks it is).

This is an excellent series, and I highly recommend it.

Rating: 8.5/10


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