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The Sicilian Method

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Sicilian Method (2017/2020) Andrea Camilleri translated by Stephen Sartarelli

The Sicilian MethodThere are only a few Montalbano books left.

This one was quite disappointing, considering how few books there are left.

We did have the typical banter between Montalbano and his men.

As soon as he reached the landing, Augello and Fazio popped out of the apartment across from Catalanotti’s.

“Any news?” he asked them.

“Wha’d I tell you?” replied Augello. “It’s like a typical residential building in Stockholm.”

“There’s another possibility,” said the inspector. “That everybody knows everything, but nobody wants to tell us.”

“Well, that would change things, and in that case we would be dealing with a typical residential building in Sicily,” said Fazio by way of conclusion.

Commentary on Italy and the world in general.

As if by instinct, the man crossed his arms over his face in a gesture of self-protection.

“Ahhh! You gonna keep beating up on me, eh?” he cried desperately. “I’m out of a job and you wanna bust my chops, too?! Who’s gonna feed my three kids?”

Montalbano turned on his heels, went into his office, and locked himself inside. He was disgusted with himself, and with his chosen profession. Disgusted with the carabinieri, with law enforcement, with the government. Disgusted with the world, with the very order of the universe.

And lots of lovely food.

Adelina had prepared a timballo di maccheroni in crosta. It was exactly like the one described in Lampedusa’s The Leopard: a timballo fit for a prince!

But the mystery was rather confusing and extra bizarre, and Montalbano is back again to being a womanizer. I’ve never liked Montalbano’s relationship with Livia. It felt like all the ever really do was argue and right. But where things went here? Just felt wrong.

So: a let down.

Publisher : Penguin Books
Rating: 6/10


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