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How to Marry a Werewolf

Monday, February 15, 2021

How to Marry a Werewolf (2018) Gail Carriger (Claw & Courtship)

How to Marry a WerewolfSet in alternate London in 1896

Faith Wigglesworth is being sent to England to marry a werewolf.

They must be desperate to be rid of me, she thought, to be considering werewolves. Or Mother hates werewolves so much, she would use me to punish them.

Major Channing is grumpy and anti-social–even for a werewolf. He was turned in battle, and still sometimes has trouble controlling his wolf.

He followed his nose and found a pork pie. On it was pinned a note that read, For tomorrow’s supper, absolutely not to be eaten. This means you, Major! He cut himself a generous slice and sneered at the note.

I had be planning to reread something until someone reviewed this and mentioned that Channing wooed Faith–with rocks.

I immediately needed to read it.

Sadly, there wasn’t that much geology. Lots of society events and dressmaking and hats.

And some dreadful parents.

Your mother wishes you to succeed here, does she not?”

Faith said, simply, “My mother wishes me to marry a werewolf and never go back to Boston. Is that your definition of success?”

Teddy was suddenly sharper and less carefree. “Is it yours?”

“I’m not convinced of the efficaciousness of werewolves, but I’ll admit that never returning to Boston has its appeal.”

Luckily, Faith is sent to distant cousins who are actually lovely people, and so she gets to feel cared for, and be happy.

It’s a light and silly story–a pleasant escape.

Rating: 7/10

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