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Wheels Up

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Wheels Up (2017) Annabeth Albert (Out of Uniform)

Wheels UpNone of this worked for me.

I am a chaos muppet. I often disregard rules. But when rules are in place for a reason–for the safety of others–I am not ok with rules being broken.

I almost DNFed this but decided to see if it got any better for me.

It didn’t.

In the military–as with law enforcement–fraternization rules exist for two important reasons: to protect those of lower rank from those of higher rank, and to help keep all the members of a squad safe.

The power dynamic was dealt with here well with BDSM dynamics and scenarios. But there was no way to deal with the safety issue–with the distraction that comes from a relationship when the safety of one person takes precedence over the safety of the entire group.

I just can’t accept the idea of putting sexual attraction over the welfare and safety of others.

Publisher : Carina Press
Rating: 4/10

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