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Heart of the Forrest

Friday, April 16, 2021

Heart of the Forrest (2021) Morgan Mason

Heart of the ForrestWhen he was a teenager, Forrest found a wooden heart with the letters A+F carved in it.

He didn’t know who it was for, but it made him feel better.

So now he’s heading back to where he found the lost heart.

Even though he never spoke to him, Forrest was Adam’s first crush. He saw him every year when Forrest’s family stayed at Holly Cabins for a week. Now Adam and his cousin are running Holly Cabins, and he is wondering if Forrest is as cute and sweet as he remembered.

It’s a cute short story. If Adam had been any older in the past part of the story, it would have been creepy, but he was young enough that kind of foolishness was just par for the course.

The writing was decent, but I’m not sure if I found it compelling enough to want to read another story by the author. (The story was low on plot and high on boinking.)

Rating: 6/10

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