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The Hound of Justice

Monday, February 27, 2023

The Hound of Justice (2019) Claire O’Dell (The Janet Watson Chronicles)

The Hound of JusticeWhen I read it, I was drawn into A Study in Honor despite the fact it was really not the kind of book I enjoy.

The same is true this time.

Janet Watson is settling into her position at Georgetown–although she isn’t yet cleared for surgery with her new arm.

I knew she understood how much I needed to prove I was capable of performing surgery with my new prosthetic device.

“I’m ready,” I said. “More than ready. You said so last time—”

“I said nothing of the kind.” Sydney’s voice was soft, almost gentle. She reached across the worktable and laid a hand over my right arm. “My dear Dr. Watson, I realize that arrogance is a prerequisite for surgeons, but we are concerned with more than your ego. Consider, if you will, your patients.”

I sucked my teeth. She was right.

Her roommate, Sara Holmes, is still on leave from whatever secret agency she works for, but an attack on the capitol on Inauguration Day seems to have her back to work.

PTSD is an integral part of this book–specifically, Janet dealing with her PTSD.

In our remaining time, we talked about trigger words, about coping, about the necessity for kindness.

Undeserved was another trigger word, which I could recognize, but which I had not yet learned to ignore.

“Dr. Carter is right to say we should monitor this patient closely,” I said carefully. “I’d also recommend grief counseling, as soon as possible. Emotional distress is as tricky as infection. It might only become obvious days or weeks later. Especially with someone who has lost all her family.”

“Which is the course you chose for yourself,” Carter said. “Or you might have succumbed to despair any time this past year, Dr. Watson. Am I right?”

A direct hit, that. Had she aimed it with malice? No, simply a pointed lesson. Whatever her motive, I was down with pointed lessons.

“Correct,” I said.

Was this story good?

Very much so.

Did I enjoy it?

Not so much.

This story walks the line between science fiction and dystopia, and I have an extremely difficult time reading dystopias. It was also pointedly political–which I also appreciated, however, with the dystopian elements it was far more emotionally heavy than I was quite ready to read.

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Rating: 7/10


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