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Gouda Friends

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Gouda Friends (2022) Cathy Yardley (Ponto Beach Reunion)

Gouda FriendsTam has had the day from hell.

“I’m sorry, Tam. But he’s a vice president. What was I supposed to say?” Lydia had then pointedly glanced at her watch. “You can take tomorrow off, all right? Now, you’d better get going. The hotel people say the last train back is at eleven, and you don’t want to get stuck.”

However, the last straw for Tam wasn’t coming home to find her boyfriend in bed with his ex.

The last straw was discovering he’d thrown away her emergency cheese–her favorite, she paid extra to have shipped across the country.

With no place to go, out of desperation she calls her best friend, Josh, who gets gets her across the country and hopes to help her get her life back.

Reading this, I felt I had a disconcerting amount in common with Tam.

Most of the shifts in her life were things she’d been driven to. Not things she’d enacted.

C’mon. You must have had sex at some point,” Brent had pressed. “Men and women aren’t friends like that.

For a book with a zillion cheese puns, the story also had a lot of boinking.

So I did a lot of skimming. I don’t think I missed anything pertinent to the story, but although I saw there was dialog, I didn’t care to read around the sex scenes for it.

I loved the cheese and Tam and her friends. But I found her inability to talk to Josh (and vice versa) aggravating. I also loved that Josh was involved in Ghost Kitchens, which is an idea I find fascinating.

Will I read another book in this series? Perhaps. Probably if it’s on sale. But there was a lot of boinking and there were a lot of puns.

Publisher: Montlake

Rating: 7/10


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