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A Holiday By Gaslight

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

A Holiday By Gaslight (2018) Mimi Matthews

A Holiday By GaslightSet in England in 1861

Sophie’s father keeps improving their country estate–whether they have the funds to do so or not–so when wealthy manufacturer asks permission to court her, the family agrees.

But despite wanting to help her family, Sophie also wants to be happy.

Is it so unforgiveable that I should wish to marry someone I might like just a little, and who might like me in return for reasons other than my pedigree? I don’t require love. I’m not so silly as that. But you ask me to leave our family, to marry a stranger and live out the rest of my days in his house, as his possession.

Ned was charmed by Sophie the first time he met her, but the upper classes and middle classes rarely mix socially and families often sacrifice their children to ambition.

It troubled Ned how readily they assumed they’d have no place in his life once he married. As if he would sacrifice his own mother and father on the altar of social acceptance.

The rules of upper class courtship are complex and convoluted so he relies on an etiquette book to guide him, but Sophie gives him one last chance–be themselves and see if they suit or not.

“We’re part of the modern age, my dear. Everything is changing so very rapidly. We must change along with it or be left behind in the dust. Like the dinosaurs we saw at the Great Exhibition.”

Publisher: Perfectly Proper Press

Rating: 8.5/10


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