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Glass Tidings

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Glass Tidings (2016) Amy Jo Cousins

Glass TidingsThis story is full of little things.

Then he changed his mind and gave the jeans a quick hand wash in the utility sink next to the dryer, unable to stand the thought of all that blood swishing around with Eddie’s clothes in the wash.

Eddie didn’t trust anyone who acted like nothing bothered them.

That kind of calm just wasn’t natural.

It was like Eddie couldn’t relax until he knew what made someone lose their shit. Once he found that out, he could chill. That’s where the land mines are. Cool.

He still walked out of the bookstore with whatever books he wanted without thinking about whether or not he could afford them.

Which was an insane kind of richness, if he thought about it.

He recognized these bubbles of rage that sometimes boiled over in his heart. One of them was what had first set his feet on the road at sixteen, pissed off and eager for risk.

Rating: 9/10

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