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Hush Money

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hush Money (2010) Susan Bischoff

Several months ago I read the story Impulse Control, set in the same world as Hush Money, and really liked it. So I bought Hush Money, and then kept thinking, “I don’t think I want to read this right now.”

I don’t know why I do these things.

Something happened, a kids started being born with “Talents”–the ability to do amazing things: Strength. Invisibility. Telekinesis. Mind Control. But the government didn’t like this, and soon the kids who manifested these abilities were locked up. Put in a special school where they could be “trained” and where they would no longer be a “threat”. So kids hide their abilities from the government–and each other.

Joss has a Talent, and her parents are doing everything they can to keep her safe and hidden. Be average. Don’t stand out. Don’t be noticed.

Unfortunately, several people seem to want to pull Joss out of the shadows: Marco–the boy who has tormented her every since she turned him down. Kat, the new girl at school who doesn’t understand why Joss hides. And Dylan, Marco’s seemingly best friend.

This reminded me a great deal of Rising Stars, especially the inability of the government to know how to deal with these children. So far, kids with Talents have a pretty bum deal if they’re found out, which is why they try so hard to hide.

Impulse Control is set inside one of these schools/prisons. Hush Money is set on the outside, with a group of kids who desperately don’t want to end up on the inside.

Both are very very good. You can grab Impulse Control for free for the Kindle, to see if you’re interested in Hush Money.
Rating: 8/10

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