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The Black Hawk

The Black Hawk (2011) Joanna Bourne Set in London in 1818, with flashes back to Paris 1802 and other times and places. This is the fourth book in the series, the story of Adrian Hawkhurst (aka Hawker) and Justine DuMotier, who we met in previous books, Adrian as an adult, Justine as a child (and […]

The Forbidden Rose

The Forbidden Rose (2010) Joanna Bourne Set during the French Revolution Marguerite de Fleurignac is on the run. The Jacobeans have burned her home and tried to kill her. But she has far greater worries than the loss of her home–if her secrets are learned, many lives could be threatened. William Doyle–going by the name […]

My Lord and Spymaster

My Lord and Spymaster (2008) Joanna Bourne There is so very much to like about this book. Jess Whitby was a thief, but is now the daughter of one of the richest traders and is a genius at accounting. “I am England’s expert on skullduggery in accounting.” And she is desperately searching for the traitor […]

The Spymaster’s Lady

The Spymaster’s Lady (2008) Joanna Bourne You’re getting the alternate cover here, because I really don’t care for the cover that came with my version. In fact, I hesitated to read the book because the (other) cover made the book seem like something that wasn’t particularly for me. I was wrong. This book was for […]