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A Bitter Truth

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Bitter Truth (2011) Charles Todd

Set in Europe in 1917

Bess Crawford is back in London on leave from the war when she finds a young woman hiding in her doorway. Deciding to help her leads to a chain of events including the uncovering of murder.

I do love the historical settings of WWI.

“I shall write to my MP and demand to know what England is coming to,” she said, taking the first cup of tea and moving to a chair by the fire. “We had no wars in the old Queen’s day. I don’t see why we must put up with them now.”

Florence Nightingale had changed public opinion during the Crimean War about the role nurses could play in saving lives, but it was still not considered a proper profession until the death tolls in the present war made women of every class come forward to do what they could.

The US is preparing to enter the way, after years of isolationism.

(M)y father has high hopes, now that the Americans are coming over. He says their General Pershing knows what he’s about.” He’d also said that we badly needed fresh viewpoints at HQ, but I thought it best not to mention that.

This historical time period continues to fascinate me, and the mystery isn’t bad either.
Rating: 7/10

Publisher: William Morrow

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