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Rag and Bone

Monday, May 28, 2018

Rag and Bone (2016) KJ Charles

This is set after Flight of Magpies and continues the story started in A Queer Trade.

Crispin Tredarloe is trying to learn the right way to be a practitioner, instead of a warlock, like he was trained. But it’s difficult unlearning everything he has been doing for years, and to make matters worse, there is no one to properly train him, because there are no other practitioners in London with his form of magic.

“I wondered if you could come and help me with something first, please.”

“Is it an important something?” Janossi said. “Because I am actually quite busy.”

“Spontaneous human combustion?”

“I’ll get my coat.”

Ned Hall is tired of magic. He discovered he is a Flit, but doesn’t want to practice. And on top of that, magic training is taking all of Crispin’s time, so the two hardly get to see each other.

Plus, the whole magic thing.

“Sod your parsley, your sage, your rosemary, your thyme, and your watercress if it comes to that,” Ned announced.

Both Ned and Crispin fear that the other will tire of them–Ned because he’s only a waste paper man, Crispin because he’s a failure at being a magician. Each respects the other, and is waiting to be left for greener pastures. What I like is that each has good reasons for his feelings, which makes the tension between the two characters good.

Crispin sagged. Ned probably would make a marvellous stockbroker, if it came to that, because he was actually good at things.

There’s one other book left, that I know of, involving a character who appeared in this story, and Flight of Magpies. I think I’ll wait a bit before reading it, so I have it to look forward to.

Publisher: KJC Books
Rating: 8/10

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