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Silver Borne, Audio Edition

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Silver Borne, Audio Edition (2010) Patricia Briggs narrated by Lorelei King

This story has one of my favorite arcs–Samuel’s falling apart and how hard his wolf works to keep him alive.

“What have you done with Samuel? Is he all right?”

Pale ice blue eyes examined me thoughtfully. “Samuel? I’m pretty certain he’d forgotten I could do this: it has been so long since we battled for control. He let me out to play when he chose, and I left it to him.” He was quiet a moment or two, then he said, almost shyly. “You know when I’m here. You call me Sam.”

“I’m not going to roll the window down,” I told him. “This car doesn’t have automatic windows. I’d have to pull over and go around and lower it manually. Besides, it’s cold outside, and unlike you, I don’t have a fur coat.”

He lifted his lip in a mock snarl and put his nose down on the dashboard with a thump.

“You’re smearing the windshield,” I told him.

He looked at me and deliberately ran his nose across his side of the glass.

In addition, Adam’s pack does not want to accept Mercy, and actively works against her. That part is harder, since they are initially able to influence Mercy.

Luckily, there are multiple light bits, to overcome the darkness.

He gave a growl that would have done Sam credit, and pushed himself back under again, muttering, “Deine Mutter war ein Cola-Automat!”

I think I’ve reach the resignation part of listening to this series. I don’t love the narration, but I am enjoying the story.

Publisher: Penguin Audio

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