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Nearly a Lady

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nearly a Lady (2011) Alissa Johnson

Set in Scotland

Trying to figure out what I wanted to read next, I remembered I had a new Alissa Johnson, but couldn’t remember which book in the series came first, so I picked one, started reading, and realized this is the one I’d read.

Perhaps I’ll just read a tiny bit to refresh my memory.

Several hours later I finished a complete re-read.

“Why eat my heart raw?” He repeated. “It’s such an odd qualifier, as if it were assumed I’d prefer it first be roasted and smothered in a fine plum sauce.”

“Plum sauce?” Her mouth fell open, and a bubble of laughter escaped from her throat. “I think you are mad.”

“I’m curious. Would the act of cooking really render the deed less barbaric? And what of the rest of dining etiquette? Is anything permissible? Silverware, for example, or napkins? A seat at the table and a glass of port?”

Her amber eyes began to dance with humor, her lips trembled with suppressed laughter. “I’m going to take my leave now. Good day, Lord Gideon.”

“Could there be side dishes and lively conversation?” He lifted his voice as she spun on her heel and walked away from him, Claire shuffling along at her side. “ ‘Pass the rolls, Mrs. Butley, and another helping of Lord Gideon’s raw heart. No, no, just use your fingers, dear, he’s being punished.”

“Why bricks, do you suppose?”

She stopped tugging. “I’m afraid to inquire what you mean by that.”

“If it’s a ton of something, what difference does it make if it’s a ton of bricks, or a ton of stone, or a ton of very fluffy pillows? They all weigh the same by definition.”

“Is it absolutely necessary I spare thought for that?”

Gideon shook his head sadly and crossed the room to stand before her. “You display a distressing lack of curiosity.”

Very amusing and fun.
Rating: 8.5/10

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