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Practically Wicked

Friday, August 10, 2018

Practically Wicked (2016) Alissa Johnson

Set in England in the 1800s.

Anna Rees is the illegitimate daughter of an infamous woman of the demi-monde. Everyone knows of her, but no one has spent more than a few minutes in her company. And Anna mostly likes that, since she does NOT like being paraded around by her mother.

was a little known fact that Miss Anna Rees was unaware of her true age. According to Mrs. Wrayburn, her only daughter would turn nineteen come April. However, Anna clearly recalled repeating the ages of seven and nine, and her fifteenth year had been celebrated three times— twice in the summer and once in the fall. At best guess, she was near to four-and-twenty and her birthday fell somewhere between July and November.

Maximilian Dane enjoys the demi-monde and thumbing his nose at the ton and those who see him as a wastrel. As a second son he never expected to become viscount, but accidents happen, and so Max inherits a title he never sought.

Especially since Anna has discovered that her father was the old Lord Haverston who didn’t fulfill his contract to Anna’s mother upon Anna’s birth, and so she seeks to get her thousand pounds form the new Lord.

Who happens to be good friends with Max Dane.

A chance and secret meeting of the two leaves both hurt and angry, so when they meet again four years later, things do not go well.

Anna considered whether or not she wished to accept the apology in full. She truly was more inclined to forgive him now that she understood the source of his animosity, but she hadn’t fully made up her mind on the matter. Rejection was not an acceptable reason for treating a person poorly.

I really like this series, and not just the dialog (although that is delightful) and not just the story, but the little things, such as this passage between Max and Lucien.

“You’ve a foxhound bitch, don’t you? She has new pups?”

“I do,” Lucien replied, relaxing back into his chair, “and she has.”

“Will you sell one to me?”

“No, of course not.”

“Excell . . .” Max pulled himself up straight. “I beg your pardon?”

“Your town house is no place for a foxhound,” Lucien scoffed.

And this bit where Anna is getting to know her new family.

That was when Anna realized that he was giving her the time and space so that she might come to know her family.

She thought it a remarkably thoughtful gesture. That didn’t lessen her discontent at seeing less of him, but it did soften the blow. It also helped that he wasn’t wrong in his assumption of the time she needed with the Haverstons.

But really, everything was delightful, from the way the story didn’t go as expected, to the characters (including ones we’d met in a previous books), to the dialog and the ending.

I very much enjoy Alissa Johnson’s writing and stories–even if they are boinking books.
Rating: 8.5/10

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