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They Found Him Dead

Thursday, November 29, 2018

They Found Him Dead (1937) Georgette Heyer

The third Inspector Hannasyde mystery.

This one I was pretty sure who the murderer, even if I couldn’t figure out why. Or quite how the second murder was managed.

Silas Kane is found dead the day after his 60th birthday celebration. He’s survived by his mother, and a nephew and great-nephew, as well as partners who were wanting to take the business in another direction.

So again, lots of potential murders. Especially since some of the people were rather awful.

I do frightfully believe in keeping their little minds free from everything but happy, beautiful things, don’t you?’

‘A waste of time,’ pronounced Agatha. ‘Children are singularly heartless creatures.’

‘I think,’ said Rosemary, as he went out, ‘that as Clement’s widow I am entitled to some consideration!’

‘Considering you have just informed us all that you are in love with Mr Dermott, I think the less you say about being Clement’s widow the better it will be!’ retorted Miss Allison.

But again, I really liked the bits that secretly gave away hints to what the world was like at that time.

Mrs Mansell had been to college in the days when such a distinction earned for a woman the title of Blue-Stocking and the right to think herself superior to her less fortunate sisters.

Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

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