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Somebody Killed His Editor

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Somebody Killed His Editor (2009/2016) Josh Lanyon

Christopher Holmes has spent the past 16 years writing his beloved heroine, Miss Butterwith, but sales are flat, and his editor has strong-armed him into coming to a conference in an attempt to help his career (and see if he can stay with his current publishing house).

“This is the perfect opportunity to try something new,” she urged.

“I don’t want to try anything new.”

“Well, you should. You’re a thirty-something-year-old man writing about a seventy-year-old spinster and her cat. That cannot be healthy.”

I was so flattered that Rachel thought I was still in my thirties that I didn’t put up half the fight I should have.

But things go wrong from the start: his car dies, the bridge to the property washes out just as he was crossing, and he found a dead body while trudging to the lodge where the conference was being held.

Christopher is a bit of a queen, which initially put me off or perhaps made me uncomfortable.

I jumped up and started yelling, “Help! Help!”

I never said I was the hero of this story.

But I eventually got settled into Christopher being a little bit prissy and not at all an action hero, and got down to enjoying the story, which was quite good.

Christopher is, of course, snarky, but he also realizes that snark and sarcasm are a defense that he needs to work on.

Of course, sometimes the snark is deserved.

“Did you ever read a story by Poe called ‘The Purloined Letter’?”


My eyes widened. Maybe this higher education thing was a waste of time. What were they having these kids read?

It’s a M/M romance and an interesting mystery, and I quite enjoyed it.

Publisher: JustJoshin Publishing
Rating: 7.5/10

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