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Death of a Pirate King

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Death of a Pirate King (2011) Josh Lanyon

It’s been two years since Jake walked away from Adrien.

During that time, Adrien has been involved with Guy–who is pushing him for more in their relationships–and discovered that he actually enjoys (most of) his new family. Even if he does often find them overwhelming.

He’s also just been released from the hospital, after a bout of pneumonia, and it does weakened heart no good to have a man keel over into his soup right next to him.

Unfortunately, that also means Jake is back in his life.

“Really?” I said. “I disappointed you? I can’t imagine what that feels like — to be disappointed in someone you trusted. How’s it feel?”

He said tightly, “All right –”

“Does it? Feel all right? Terrific! Then I have something to look forward to –”

I think what I particularly liked about this story was that although he wasn’t always comfortable with them, Adrien had come to love his new family. Especially his new sister, Emma.

I was walking back to the parking lot with Emma when her riding lesson was finished, my thoughts a million miles away, when she said suddenly, very quietly, “Adrien, are you going to have that operation?”

Was it, like, a topic of dinner conversation around the Dauten household?

“Probably, kiddo.”

She slipped her hand into mine.

A whole lot happens in this book–much of it having to do with Jake’s remaining in the closet–but I decided to stop hating Jake, even if he did deserve a good deal of misery, he got a good deal of misery, and he did have a lot of confounding factors.

I also realized that this series was far better than I was giving it credit for, since I keep immediately purchasing the next book in the series the second I finish the previous.

Publisher: Just Joshin
Rating: 8/10

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