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A Geek Girl’s Guide to Arsenic

Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Geek Girl’s Guide to Arsenic (2016) Julie Anne Lindsey

A Geek Girls Guide to ArsenicThree months ago, Mia Connors was suspected or murder (and internet malfeasance) and proving her innocence led to unfortunate consequences and an interest in the agent who was investigating her.

Now one of her fellow Rennies has died at her feet, and it’s laid suspicion upon her grandmother’s company, so Mia is going to find out who really did it–even if now Federal Marshal Jake Archer is adamantly opposed.

First, a nit to pick.

“The medics stopped CPR right after they got here.

I don’t think that’s right. But only because I remembered reading something written by an EMT. So I looked it up.

Criteria for determination of death in the field by EMTs or paramedics in LA County are stipulated by the Los Angeles County EMS Agency. These include absence of respirations, cardiac activity and neurologic reflexes, in addition to one or more of the following conditions: decapitation; massive crush injury; penetrating or blunt injury with evisceration of the heart, lung or brain; decomposition; incineration; blunt traumatic arrests without organized ECG activity or with extrication times exceeding 15 minutes; drowning victims, when it’s reasonably assumed that submersion has been greater than one hour; rigor mortis; or post-mortem lividity. In addition, paramedics may determine death in the field for patients found in asystole whose estimated time from collapse to initiation of CPR by bystanders or EMS exceeds 10 minutes.

(Disposition of the Deceased: How to determine patient status & prevent futile transports)

That is totally a nit. I’m just mentioning it for reference.

Now onto the story. I adore Mia.

I nodded in full acceptance. “Whatever. It’s my circus. They’re my monkeys.”

“I don’t understand hipsters and their dull, underenthused lifestyle.”

I’d always admired the faeries, unafraid of showing their figures like that. Even if I was a size zero in a training bra, I wouldn’t be caught dead in body paint and a few strategically placed leaves. Inhibitions were the building blocks of my life.

Yes, Mia discovers another dead body, but that’s par for the course for a mystery series, and they note the ridiculous odds of that happening, so I’m ok with that. Yes, Mia gets involved, but the setup of the man dying at their booth and the news report insinuating that her products killed the man gives her a strong reason to discover the murderer even if Jake is opposed.

I really like Mia’s new assistant–probably because I’m Fifi.

“Excellent!” Fifi pulled me into a hug and bounced. “You won’t regret it, I swear. I get a little flighty sometimes, but it’s because I’m so creative, not because I’m not paying attention. I hear everything, and I’m a quick study. I have dual degrees in botany and ecology, and I’m a Juris Doctorate. I’m amazing at research and organization.” I glanced at Nate and stepped out of her embrace. “You’re a lawyer?” “Oh, no. No. I never took the bar. I don’t practice or anything. I just thought it’d be fun earning the degree, and it was.”

I didn’t love how Mia was tied to the murderer–it wasn’t beyond probability, it was just over the top. She had plenty of reason to be looking into the situation–tying it to her was just a bit much.

However, I was super impressed that she got the concussion bits right. “The world shimmied, and I ducked behind a wide oak to vomit.” “According to my doctors, a whack on the head like mine could slow me down for weeks.”

Mia had shown herself capable of defending herself, and she was smart enough to know she needed to get away, but the concussion kept her from properly defending herself–as would happen in real life.

The mystery was good, even if I didn’t like how Mia was tied into it, and I really love the characters, so I definitely recommend this series.

Publisher: Carina Press
Rating: 8/10

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