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Undeath & Taxes

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Undeath & Taxes (2015) Drew Hayes

Undeath & TaxesThe second Fred the Vampire Accountant book is also collection of five novellas, and also an utter delight.

Learning about the parahuman world, through virtue of my own death, hadn’t been nearly as disturbing to me as learning there were whole sections of laws, tax codes, and deduction options for my kind. This meant that I’d been doing my job without all the tools available to me, and, like working a calculator without a nine button, I found that utterly unacceptable.

A lot actually happens in this story, from glimpses into why Gideon is in town, to Fred meeting some of Krystal’s friends and co-workers, to a gala.

We also get a couple chapters from someone else’s POV in one story.

** Note: We’ll now return to my recounting of the tale. Though I’d like to thank Neil for his contribution, even if some parts did seem unnecessarily hurtful.**

But mostly it’s just delightful and fun, even as important events happen around Fred.

“What rule are you invoking for that one?” Arch asked.

“Section fifteen, paragraph twelve. It’s the one titled ‘fuck you; it’s happening because I say so.’ Surprised you didn’t know that one, Arch. Most agents invoke it all the time.”

But I think my favorite story is the one where we meet Charlotte.

This series is a delight, and you should definitely ready it.

Publisher: REUTS Publications, LLC.
Rating: 8.5/10

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