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The Winter Companion

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Winter Companion (2020) Mimi Matthews

The Winter CompanionSet in England in 1860

This is the 4th book of The Parish Orphans of Devon series, and about the most complicated of the four men. Neville Cross has spent as much time as possible with animals, rather than people, after the accident that almost killed him, and permanently affected his ability to speak. Animals don’t judge his hesitations, and they calm him down, so why would he want to spend time with humans?

On a good day, the words Neville formed in his mind could be translated into short phrases with minimal difficulty. He’d learned over the years how to keep things from getting muddled. How to say what he intended with the least fuss, even if that meant he must occasionally sound like a child.

Clara Hartwright has taken on a position as lady’s companion to Mrs Bainbridge, aunt to Laura and her new husband–Alex Archer (one of Neville’s old friends). But Clara has inherited an old dog from her previous employer, and as this was an unpleasant surprise to her new employer, she needs to take care of him with as little fuss as possible.

Neville quickly takes to Clara, because of the care she shows for her old dog. Clara is a little more cautious about Neville, who initially seems stand-offish, and she can’t quite figure out his place in the household.

First off, I really dislike Clara’s entire family.

“I say, Clara, you can’t blame Mama and me for believing him over you. How were we to know—”

“Because I told you so.”

Second, I really like Simon, and it was interesting to be in his head. He’s been a side character since the first book, and it was never quite clear how much the fall had damaged his brain. Justin has Neville working for him, but it’s never quite clear precisely what Neville does for Justin and whether the work us out of choice or need. This book quickly clarifies all that.

It’s a good series, and I am glad I enjoyed this final book far more than I did the third.

Publisher: Perfectly Proper Press
Rating: 8/10

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