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Small Change

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Small Change (2017) Roan Parrish (Small Change)

Small ChangeGinger Holtzman may or may not have a crush on the guy who runs the bakery down the street from her tattoo studio. But his store does have coffee. And excellent bagels.

Christopher Lucen definitely has a crush on Ginger, but isn’t at all sure how the prickly artist feels about him.

Ginger has spent her whole life just trying to be herself. But as hard as it is for just anyone, it’s even harder for a woman in the male dominated world of tattooing. So she really doesn’t know how to deal with someone who seems to like her for herself.

And she is really terrible at relationships.

“Okay, point of clarification. It’s the nicest thing any random has done for me because I’m me as opposed to because I gave them a tattoo they liked.”

“Why does that make you a pathetic loser?” Marcus asked.

“No, I know,” I said.

“The question stands.”

“Ugh, because, whatever. He has a functional relationship with his mother. He eats balanced, healthy meals.”

“Well, obviously that’s stupid.

As much as I like Christopher, I sadly have to identify with Ginger.

(W)hen you see people you know from other moments in your life you, like, joyfully call out to them because you want to know how they’re doing.”

“Well, what do you do?”

“Me? I duck down behind the cereal aisle in the hopes that they won’t notice me because probably.”

This story is in two parts. It is primarily from Gonger’s POV, however, there are multiple emails between Christopher and his brother, which reveal that things are not as wonderful as they may seem in Christopher’s life.

There is a fair amount of darkness in this story, not just in how Ginger has to deal with being a woman in a man’s world, but also with Christopher’s brother. So although the story is good, just be prepared for some hard bits.

Publisher: Monster Press
Rating: 7.5/10

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