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As Luck Would Have It

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

As Luck Would Have It (2008) Alissa Johnson (Providence)

As Luck Would Have ItSet in London in 1811.

Sophie Everton is headed to London for her Season. Since the death of her mother and her sister, she and her father have traveled around the world, but she’ll experience one Season and then go back to her father overseas.

Alec, Duke of Rockeforte, has taken up his family tradition and works for the War Office. He’s asked to look into a young lady arriving from overseas, to see if she or her cousin have French sympathies or loyalties.

This book is simply fun. The premise (that the old Duke extracted a promise to look after those he considered his children) is silly be also lovely and allows for shenanigans.

And so much marvelous banter.

“If you are a true and loyal friend, Alex, you will keep this little episode to yourself.”

Alex nodded somberly. “If I were a true and loyal friend, I would indeed.”

“A good man, a decent man—”

“Would keep his mouth closed. I’m almost sure of it.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of—”

“A blood oath?” she tried.

“What? No, a kiss. Where do you get these ideas?” he asked in bemusement.

“I believe I am allowed to rebuff your advances as I see fit.”

“You’d prefer a bloodletting over kissing me?”

“Well, it needn’t be a large cut,” she pointed out reasonably. “A minor pinprick would suffice. I have a hat pin in my reticule that will do nicely.”

Sophie reached into her bag and retrieved an implement that looked, to Alex at any rate, more like a lethal weapon than a clothing accessory. She waved it in front of him with a flourish. “Here we are.”

He dropped her hand. “You have succeeded in ruining the moment.”

It’s just what I was needing.

Publisher: Stonesong Digital
Rating: 8.5/10

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