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Finders Keepers

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Finders Keepers (2018) N.R. Walker

Finders KeepersAfter reading two Roan Parrish books–which are very angsty–I needed something super fluffy and happy.

This is it.

Griffin Burke has moved from Brisbane to Coolum Beach to take a new job–a promotion and a new place to explore. But when he finds a lost dog, he may be starting out his new life with more than just a new job.

This story is just all the sweet and lovely.

Griffin’s landlady is a stoner / hippie-type who speaks her mind–and encourages Griffin to see if the lost dog’s owner might just be interested in something more than meeting to return Wicket.

“He didn’t just send a photo,” she said, her words slow. “He put his cards on the table, that’s what he did.”

“I sent him my photo first.”

“Then you put your cards on the table first.”

I wasn’t sure if she was dead wrong or very right.

“Griffin,” she said, slow blinking. “He’s interested. No one sends their photo to anyone else unless they’re interested. Fact’s a fact.”


It’s all delightfully adorable.

“Do you want to know if I’m seeing someone?”


It sounded like he was smiling. “I’m not. Seeing anyone, that is.”

Okay, so that was one hurdle down. “And if you were looking—” I cringed at how ridiculous this was. “— and used dating apps, would you use Tinder? Or maybe Grindr?” I buried my face into the sofa cushion and rolled my eyes and wanted to die.

He barked out a laugh. “Are you asking me if I’m gay?”

It’s just sweet and lovely and so so so happy and fluffy. Just what I was needing to re-read.

Publisher: Blue Heart Press
Rating: 8.5/10

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