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Execution in E

Monday, October 12, 2020

Execution in E (2020) Alexia Gordon (Gethsemane Brown)

Execution in EGethsemane Brown is frustrated that her landlord has rented the lighthouse for a wedding–though not as annoyed as Eamon, the ghost whose house she rents.

The bride is an Instagram Influencer–and an all-around horrible person.

“Ms. Markham’s parents’ money buys a great deal of tolerance of Ms. Markham. The pay is phenomenal. And I’ve convinced myself that running interference between Sunny and the rest of the world is my penance for past sins.”

But the groom doesn’t seem to be much better. And when the gentleman in question sends Frankie’s girlfriend running away in tears, Gethsemane decides to do what she can to ward off the horror she feels coming for the sake of her friendship with Frankie.

OK, I never knew that this was a thing outside of Frostburg.

I worshipped in places with names like Ark of Safety and Holiness Tabernacle.”

Sadly, this character was not originally from Frostburg.

This is another story set outside the school year, so she and Frankie have the free time wander about attempting to prevent/solve crimes. But we do get some teenagers.

“Why does Feargus Toibin know about ‘deal with the devil’ websites?” Gethsemane said aloud.

Frankie scanned the computer screen over Tim’s shoulder. “Because he’s a teenaged boy. Teen boys are repositories of information both horrific and shocking.”

There seemed to be a lot less Eamon in this story–and a bit more of the supernatural (besides Eamon).

This mystery felt weaker than the earlier books, but I still eagerly devoured the story, so take that as you will. I will definitely read the next book, but I do hope it’s a little tighter.

Publisher : Henery Press
Rating: 7/10

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